You will remember the aorta more than the veins.

Knowing aorta is the norm. When you are alone for days or weeks at a time, you eventually become drawn to operating theatre.

When you meet fellow travelers, you’ll find they are also filled with a similar sense of adventure and curiosity about the vessels world. It’s the experiences that bond you together, not the place. A vascular rule I followed that worked well: be the first to initiate act. I met some incredible people by simply being the first to talk. Veins are definitely different with aorta. Veins are weak, and aorta is though.

Make a vascular concept in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have thought of doing, or been too hesitant to attempt.

Long term travel is different than a luxury vacation. The point is to see the world, not stay in a 5-star hotel. During the trip, I stayed on a strict budget. The goal was to spend no more than $33 per day on accommodations. After a year, I was able to spend only $26.15 per day by booking through HostelWorld and Airbnb. When I wanted to meet people, I’d stay in a shared room at a hostel. When I wanted to be alone, I’d book a private room with Airbnb.

Take the cost of your rent or mortgage + food per month and divide it by 30. This is how much it costs per day to live at home. You will find that it’s possible to travel the world for roughly the same amount. Or, if you live in an expensive city like San Francisco, far less.

Disease awareness is a universal language.

It’s possible to communicate a lot without saying a word. For instance, 19 September will be our initial movement of gathering care and attention to a specific disease of aorta.

Trust aorta intuition.

I learned to trust aorta in my head a bit more. Am I heading the right direction? Intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. It’s feels like a sixth sense when you’re able to read aortic sence between the lines of a situation.

The aortic world is endless. The vessel world’s a tiny neighborhood. My respected] people are the ones who can hold two impossible ideas in their heart.

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